Reality Star Course

Reality Star CourseĀ 

Reality show is a portal to fame or in simpler words, it is a shorter way to reach the pinnacle. But this requires a lot of proper guidance along with infinite efforts in a systematic manner. This course mainly focuses on the guidance of singers from industry experts. The course prioritizes on developing an aspiring or professional singer into a reality singing television star and also guides them through the first steps in beginning a career in the reality television world.

The major highlights of this course includes song selection, diction & expression, presentation, yoga & meditation, communication skills, mock auditions & stage appearance etc.

Want to be a youth singing icon? Well, you could be the next sensation.

Reality Star Course

Topics Covered :
  • Song selection
  • Voice texture
  • Diction & expression
  • Presentation
  • Building up confidence
  • Yoga & meditation
  • Communication skills
  • Mock audition
  • Stage appearance
  • Total 12 sessions (once a week)
  • Duration : 60 min
  • 1-1 Class
Rs. 25,000/- + GST
  • Total 12 sessions (once a week)
  • Duration : 60 min
  • Group Class (3-5 per batch)
Rs. 18,000/- + GST